The Story So Far...

My name is Lauren Reid. I’m originally from Manchester, England. I am a freelance digital marketer based in Vancouver, BC with permanent resident status. I specialize in social media management, SEO and blog writing. My interest in​ digital marketing started when I first moved to Canada and worked for a small IT business. I started to look more into how social media marketing could help the business more each day. I then almost fell into working as a social media manager. I found the job fun, creative and exciting. I started to work part-time. Freelancing while I had a full-time job for about 2 years. Once I gained more clients, I was able to make the jump freelancing full-time. And, here we are.
When I’m not knee deep in content creation and keyword research, I like to keep myself entertained with the outdoors by going hiking, cycling, playing & watching football (otherwise known as; soccer).

The Approach

There are many important aspects when we work together. I work with a small number of businesses as I want to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to each client. A shared understanding is key, along with strong communication. I think analytics and tracking is important when it comes to digital marketing, so I implement this into my work. Therefore, I’m always willing to go the extra mile. I enjoy taking the time to learn more about my client’s business and industry with flexible solutions at competitive prices.